Passenger Ferry Timetable 

effective 14th September 2020
Please note, on Friday 14 May the 855am passenger ferry service from Cleveland and 225pm passenger ferry service from Dunwich will not be available to the public. Customers can instead travel with a passenger ferry ticket on the vehicle ferry that leaves from the SeaLink terminal at the same time. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Monday to FridaySaturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Departs ClevelandDeparts DunwichDeparts ClevelandDeparts Dunwich
4:55am (C) 5:25am  -  -
5:55am (C) 6:25am  -
6:55am (C) 7:25am (PL) 6.55am (C)7.25am (PL)
7:55am (C) 8:25am (PL) 7:55am (C) 8:25am (PL)
8:55am (C) 9:25am (PL) 8:55am (C) 9:25am (PL)
9:55am (C) 10:25am (PL) 9:55am (C) 10:25am (PL)
10:55am (C) 11:25am (PL) 10:55am (C) 11:25am (PL)
11:55am (C) 12:25pm (PL) 11:55am (C) 12:25pm (PL)
12:55pm (C) 1:25pm (PL) 12:55pm (C) 1:25pm (PL)
1:55pm (C) 2:25pm (PL) 1:55pm (C) 2:25pm (PL)
3:25pm (C) 3:55pm (PL) 3:25pm (C) 3:55pm (PL)
4:25pm (C) 4:55pm (PL) 4:25pm (C) 4:55pm (PL)
5:25pm (C) 5:55pm (PL) 5:25pm (C) 5:55pm (PL)
6:25pm (C)6.55pm (PL)6:25pm (C)6:55pm (PL)

Walk on passengers are still welcome on our vehicle ferry services.

Trip time: 25 minutes

(C) = Connects with bus from Cleveland

(PL) = Connects with bus from Point Lookout

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
  • Timetables are subject to change without notice