Bay Islands Ratepayer Registration 

Ratepayer – You own property on one of the Bay Islands but live on the mainland. 

Resident – You live on one of the Bay Islands permanently and your vehicles are registered to your island address. Please visit the Bay Islands Resident page here.

Discounted Rate 

We offer approximately 17% off our public pricing in recognition of your consistent travel with us. The discount is applied to the actual vehicle you travel in, rather than to yourself.  You can tell us which car/s you use to travel to and from the island, and once approved, your vehicle will receive the discounted fare. Ratepayers can nominate up to 2 vehicles for the discounted fare.          

If you choose to book in one of our offices or over the phone on (07) 3488 5300, all you need to do is quote your name or phone number to receive the discounted fare. If you choose to book online just go to our website and click “LOG IN” with the username and password that was issued to you by our registration team (you will receive an online discount in addition to the ratepayer fare).   

The Bay Island Ratepayer discount will apply to: 

  •  standard cars up to 5.4m long 
  •  motorbikes 

If you wish to travel with a commercial vehicle, a truck, or any other vehicle that is 2m or greater in width, the standard truck rate will apply to that vehicle. 

How to Apply   

To qualify for a ratepayer discount, you will need to fill out the application form, supply a recent rates notice and one of the below vehicle documents for each car that you would like to nominate for the ratepayer discount. Ratepayers can nominate up to 2 vehicles for the discounted fare.    

  • Vehicle registration certificate 
  • Vehicle Renewal Notice 
  • Vehicle Insurance Document 

For your convenience, you can complete the entire application online here. You can also apply by completing the below form and emailing, posting or bringing your required documents into one of our offices at Redland Bay or Russell Island. Your application may take up to 14 days to be processed.

Profile Renewals

Every two years we will contact you by email and complete a letterbox drop for all Bay Islands requesting for you to renew your details with us. This will assist us with streamlining your booking process and ensures that our genuine island residents and ratepayers are those that benefit from the discount.  

The last renewal process took place in August 2021. If you login to your client profile and are receiving the full standard fare, you have not yet renewed your profile.

To renew your profile, please follow the above directions under the ‘How to Apply’ header.

Vehicle Change Requests

We understand that you may decide to replace your nominated vehicle with another one, in which case you simply need to complete the vehicle change request process.

For your convenience, you can complete the entire change request online here.

You can also complete the vehicle change request by filling out the below form and emailing, posting or bringing your required documents into one of our offices at Redland Bay or Russell Island. Your application may take up to 14 days to be processed.

If any of your travel circumstances fall outside the above conditions, please email [email protected] for approval prior to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customer profile?

A profile allows us to keep your contact and vehicle details in the one place to streamline your booking process. The online login function is linked with your customer profile.

Where do I hand in my application form and accompanying paperwork?

Physical applications can be posted to PO Box 195, Cleveland or handed in to the Redland Bay or Russell Island office. Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.

What is the difference between the Resident and Ratepayer discount?

Residents and Ratepayers of the Bay Islands receive the same discount, which is currently around 17% off for a standard vehicle up to 5.4m long.

Will I be able to book any vehicle against my profile online?

No, once you’re logged in to the website as a Resident or Ratepayer, you will only be able to select from a list of vehicles that are registered to your profile.

Can somebody else drive my vehicle and receive the discounted rate?

Yes, if your vehicle is registered to your profile, it can still travel at the discounted rate even if you are not the driver.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

A link to our terms and conditions is located at the very bottom of the website for access at any time. A Terms and Conditions document is also emailed as an attachment with every new booking that is created over the phone or online.

Will I have to renew my discount after completing the application the first time?

Yes, for us to ensure that we have an accurate record of all genuine Residents and Ratepayers, a renewal process will take place a minimum of once every two years.

What do I do if I need to travel with a vehicle that I haven’t registered to my profile?

Only the vehicles approved and registered to your profile will be entitled to the discount. You will need to log out of your profile to make a booking online. The vehicle will incur the standard rate and any difference in fare must be paid before travel. Continued misuse of the discount may result in online privileges being revoked or your account suspended temporarily.