As a North Stradbroke Island Resident customer, that is, a customer whose principal place of residence is North Stradbroke Island, we offer approximately 20% off all our non-premium fares in recognition of your consistent travel with us.

If you own property on North Stradbroke Island, but your principal place of residence is on the mainland, please go to the North Stradbroke Island Ratepayer Registration page.

Please note the North Stradbroke Island Resident discount is for vehicles that have been registered to residents that live on North Stradbroke Island only. Any booking made for a vehicle against your profile that is not registered with us will incur the standard rate and any difference in fare must be paid before travel. Continued misuse of the NSI Resident discount may result in online privileges being revoked or your account suspended temporarily.

How the discount works

The way we offer this Island Resident discount is by applying reduced fares to the actual vehicle you travel in, rather than to yourself.  You can tell us which car or cars you use to travel to and from the island, and once approved, you will receive a discount where applicable when you make a booking using your approved cars.  When you book your car/s online, you will also receive the online booking discount as well.

What vehicles does the discount apply to?

The North Stradbroke Island resident discount will apply to:

  • standard cars up to 5.4m long
  • large cars or four-wheel-drives up to 6.4m long
  • motorbikes
  • trailers that are attached to an island registered car

If you wish to travel with a commercial vehicle, a truck, or any other vehicle that is 2m or greater in width, the standard truck rate will apply to that vehicle.

How to apply

For your convenience, you can complete the entire application online.

You will also need to attach a copy of your current Vehicle Registration Notice/Certificate, so that we can see that your nominated vehicle is registered to an address on the island. Your island vehicle registration number will be recorded against your customer profile with us.

You can also apply by completing the below form and emailing, posting or bringing your required documents into one of our offices at Cleveland or Dunwich. 

How to book with the discount

For bookings made over the phone, we can search for your profile in the system by your phone number or name. We no longer issue customer ID numbers. 

To book online, simply click the LOGIN button at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. You will log in using your email address or island ID number. You can reset your password at any time by clicking the ‘Forgot password’ button and following the instructions that are emailed to you. 

The online discount will apply to your booking in addition to the resident discount.

Renewing your island resident discount

Every two years we will ask you to resend these documents to us so that we can renew our records. 

Changing your island registered vehicles

We understand that you might decide to replace your nominated vehicle with another one, in which case you simply need to complete the Vehicle Change Request and resend with the current Vehicle Registration Notice/Certificate for your new vehicle. 

Change your island registered vehicles online.

If any of your travel circumstances fall outside the above conditions, please call the office or email [email protected] for approval prior to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are vehicles registered to an island business eligible for the island discount?
A: Yes, any vehicle that shows the residential/business address is on North Stradbroke Island is eligible for the island discount. However, the profile in our reservation system must be in an individual’s name and not in a business name.

Q: Can my family travel with the island resident discount if they don’t live on the island?
A: No, only island vehicles registered as garaged at an island address are eligible for the discount.

Q: Where can I get a copy of my Registration Certificate/Notice if I can’t find mine?
A: You can get a copy of the certificate from the North Stradbroke Island QGAP Office, located on 5 Ballow Road, Dunwich, or the Department of Transport and Main Roads. The closest TMR branch is located on Corner Bloomfield Street and Ross Court in Cleveland. Alternatively, you can request a copy on the Queensland Government website.

Q: Does it make any difference if I’ve paid for Island only registration, or mainland registration?
A: No, if your principal place of residency is on North Stradbroke Island and your vehicle is permanently garaged at that address, then the vehicle is eligible for the island resident discount rate.

North Stradbroke Island Local Day Special - $82 return*

The North Stradbroke Island Local Day special is exclusively available to registered island residents visiting the mainland for shopping, appointments or visiting friends and relatives. 

Terms & Conditions

  • This fare is standby only, meaning the departure times are not confirmed and will be subject to vessel availability 
  • Depart the island and return same day; if you are not able to return same day, the full difference in fare will apply before the return travel takes place 
  • Only cars up to 5.4m in length, registered to an island resident profile, are eligible for this special
  • The fare is available every day of the week except for Fridays and other blackout dates; this may include busy days during school holidays and some public holidays
  • Phone bookings only; please call us on 3488 5300 to purchase your Local Day Special
  • Customers who wish to cancel their Local Day Fare are encouraged to postpone the date as there are no refunds for unused Local Day fares. As no departure times are confirmed, there are no cancellation fees
  • All Local Day fares must be pre-paid at least 20 minutes prior to departure and can be paid for up to 14 days in advance
  • Trailers under 6m in length being towed by an eligible car are a flat rate of $82* (valid return or one-way)

*valid until 31/03/2021