With each island rich in its own character, you’ll enjoy discovering the varied lifestyle quite different to the mainland.

Macleay Island

Macleay is a peaceful island, impressive bushland shelters myriad birdlife, and many beautiful homes overlook the tranquil waters of Moreton Bay.

Russell Island

The largest of the Southern Moreton Bay group of islands, Russell Island lies between the mainland and North Stradbroke Island.

Lamb Island

Known by the Aboriginal people of Moreton Bay as Nguderoo, or paperbark trees, Lamb Island is the second smallest of the Southern Moreton Bay group of islands.

Karragarra Island

Karragarra is the smallest of the four islands, nestled between Russell and Macleay. Karra, as it’s affectionately known by locals, remains a delightful destination for picnickers and nature lovers.