Organisation or Group Sponsorship 

SeaLink’s commitment to the North Stradbroke Island and Bay Islands communities spans over 55 years.  We are passionate about the future and strive to support these communities wherever possible and given the location of these destinations, our support is primarily in the form of sponsored ferry travel. 

SeaLink South East Queensland undertakes sponsorship that are in line with our corporate and marketing objectives to increase community awareness of the company’s services, and to support the North Stradbroke or the Bay Islands communities. In line with this SeaLink SEQ will favour proposals that will: 

  • Benefit a credible charity or organisation 
  • Benefit the residents of North Stradbroke or the Bay Islands 
  • Increase or promote visitation to North Stradbroke or the Bay Islands in the form of an event that enhances the visitor experience

SeaLink SEQ receive many requests sponsorship, however, our priority is to support the development and growth of North Stradbroke Island and Bay Islands communities. If you are seeking sponsorship which will support the islands, please complete our online general sponsorship application form. 

Please read the below SeaLink Group Sponsorship Conditions & General Information carefully before submitting your application. 

To apply:

  • Outline the benefits to SeaLink SEQ in sponsoring the proposed organisation and how will SeaLink be recognised for our support.
  • Please detail other major and minor sponsors (proposed and confirmed) and any exclusivity arrangements. 
  • Explain what support is required for your group or organisation through our sponsorship for example; 
    • travel assistance / in kind sponsorship 
    • monetary sponsorship
    • complimentary advertising on board our ferries
  • Explain the benefits your group or organisation bring to the application island/s and their communities.

All applications shall be reviewed as per our sponsorship criteria and a response will be provided to the applicant within 14 working days. Requests to expedite this process cannot be granted.