MV Minjerribah

The newest addition to the fleet, the Minjerribah, was built in 2003 and can hold up to 52 cars and 400 passengers. The name “Minjerribah” comes from the Aboriginal name for North Stradbroke Island and has a licensed café onboard with lift access. 

Passengers: 400 maximum
Length: 67.68m 
Breadth: 13m 
Door Width: 7.6m 
Wheelhouse Clearance: 5.5m

MV Sea Breeze 

Formerly the Big Red Cat, the MV Sea Breeze can hold up to 60 cars and 300 passengers, and has a licensed, air-conditioned on board café.  

Passengers: 300 maximum
Length: 49m 
Breadth: 15.78m 
Door Width: 4m 
Wheelhouse Clearance: 4.58m

MV Escape to Stradbroke

Stradbroke Ferries launched the Escape in May of 2003. The 130-seat catamaran takes only 25 minutes to cross from Cleveland to Stradbroke.

Passengers: 172 
Length: 23.95m 
Breadth: 6.7m 
Depth: 2.08m

MV Quandamooka

The word “Quandamooka” means Moreton Bay. Built in 1994 and lengthened in 1999, it also features a licensed, air conditioned on board café with viewing platform. It can carry up to 52 cars and 400 passengers. 

Passengers: 400 maximum
Length: 67.75m 
Breadth: 13.10m 
Door Width: 7.6m 
Wheelhouse Clearance: 5.5m

MV Moreton Escape

The Moreton Escape was the sister ship to the Lakarma, both of which were war vessels brought over from Holland to Freemantle in 2003.

Passengers: 297 maximum  
Length: 36.77m 
Breadth: 11.32m 
Door Width: 4.3m 
Capacity: 19 cars 
Wheelhouse Clearance: 3.5m

MV Lakarma

The Lakarma commenced operation around the Southern Bay Islands in 2005. The 180 tonne vehicle is powered by two Detroit 350hp diesel engines and has the capacity to carry 200 people. 

Passengers: 204 maxium
Length: 38.77m 
Breadth: 8.84m 
Door Width: 4.2m 
Capacity: 22 cars 
Wheelhouse Clearance: N/A

MV Bay Islander

The Bay Islander joined the fleet in 1990, formerly a cross-river vehicular cable ferry. The vessel was lengthened from 19m to 25m when it first joined Stradbroke Ferries and was lengthened further in 1993. 

Passengers: 102 maximum 
Length: 33.99m 
Breadth: 9.45m 
Door Width: 7.2m 
Capacity: 16 cars
Wheelhouse Clearance: 4.2m

MV Stradbroke Venture

The Venture was purchased from Riverside Coal in 1987 and operated from what is now the Quandamooka ramp for 6 months while the Venture stern loader was being built. It originally had a top deck but this was removed many years ago. 

Passengers: 403 maximum  
Length: 54.41 
Door Width: 4.9m 
Capacity: 32 cars 
Wheelhouse Clearance: 4.3m